Stuck with a U.S. Bank Check and Unable to Cash It?

Cash your U.S. checks from anywhere in the world!

Struggling to Cash U.S. Bank Checks as a Non-Resident?

If your U.S. fintech bank account was unexpectedly closed, you’re likely familiar with the headache of what happens next: the bank issues a final check for the remaining balance. But here’s the problem: you can only cash it within the U.S. This requirement becomes a major hurdle if you’re living outside the U.S. It leaves you with a check that you can’t easily cash. You’re not alone—this is a common frustration for many non-resident entrepreneurs.

Here we come with a tailored and securely designed U.S. check cash withdrawal service with our expert hand.

How It Works

Send Us Your Check

Mail your business checks to our office in New York. Make sure it's securely packed to ensure it arrives safely.

Sign the Agreement

We will draft a clear agreement outlining the terms and details of our service. This ensures transparency and sets clear expectations on both sides.

We Process It

After receiving your check, our team will start processing it which typically takes 30 to 45 working days.

Get Your Cash

Once everything is processed, we’ll inform and hold the funds for 60-90 days to address any claims, disputes, or fraud. Then we'll deposit your cash to your account.

Requirements for Check Processing

Before submitting your check for cashing, please ensure you meet the following conditions. These requirements help protect against fraudulent activities and ensure a smooth transaction process.

Check Duration:

The check must have at least 60 days of validity left at the time of submission.

Verification Questions:

You will need to provide the bank name, the source of the check, and any other relevant information we require.

Minimum Amount:

We process checks starting at a minimum of $5,000. For checks below $5,000, we may evaluate these on a case-by-case basis.

How We Can Solve Your Problem

We understand the difficulties you face when trying to cash these U.S. checks from outside the U.S. That is why we have developed a service that handles everything for you.
Here’s how we do it:

Why Choose Us?

Fast and Secure

Experience swift processing with stringent security measures that ensure your transactions are safe and private.

Stay Where You Are

No need to visit or deal with U.S. banks directly—cash your checks without ever stepping foot in the U.S. from wherever you are.

Worldwide Accessibility

Access our services from any corner of the world—turn your checks into cash no matter where you are.

Legally Compliant

Every transaction is conducted in strict adherence to international financial laws, ensuring legality and transparency.

98% Success Rate

With a success rate of 98%, our proven track record speaks to our efficiency and reliability in handling your transactions.

Dedicated Customer Support

Our dedicated support team is here to guide you through every step, ensuring a smooth and clear process.

frequently asked questions

You need to send your physical check to our provided address. Ensure it's securely packed to avoid any damage during transit. For more details on the process and any formalities involved, please contact our support team. They will guide you through each step and ensure you have all the information you need.
The processing time for your check can vary from 30 to 90 working days after receiving the check, depending on several factors, including the verification and legal compliance we perform. Once processed, the funds will be deposited directly into your bank account.
The turnaround time (TAT) for processing checks is 30 to 45 business days after we receive your check. Once the issuing process is complete, we will notify you and hold the funds for an additional 60 to 90 days. This holding period allows us to ensure there are no claims, disputes, or fraudulent activities associated with the funds. After this security period, we will deposit the funds directly into your account.
Absolutely! Our service is specifically designed for non-residents who have U.S. checks they need to cash. You can use our service from anywhere in the world without the need to travel to the U.S.
You'll need to provide the physical check, and a valid form of identification, and complete a service agreement with us. Additional documents may be required depending on the check's origin and amount. Our team will guide you through every step.
Each transaction is conducted in strict adherence to international financial laws. We ensure full compliance with all legal requirements, and our process includes robust security measures to protect your personal and financial information.
We provide updates at each step of the process. Additionally, you can contact our customer support to check the status of your check processing.

In the rare event of an issue, our dedicated support team will contact you to discuss the next steps. We work closely with our clients to resolve any issues promptly and ensure that you receive your funds.