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Business is in trouble because of payment rejections and high chargebacks? You are at high risk! PayPal and Stripe sometimes label specific businesses as high-risk, requiring unique payment solutions because low-risk payment aggregators often avoid them.
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Businesses That Are Considered High-Risk

Business owners often face an unexpected risk label despite offering stellar products and services. Credit card companies and banks categorize them as high-risk merchant solutions. Conversely, some businesses naturally fall into the high-risk category, irrespective of their legitimacy and success.

Factors Defining Business as High-Risk:

Reasons and Times When Businesses Are Considered High-Risk

Operating in industries prone to chargebacks? Legal complexities? Market volatility?

High Transaction Volume

High transaction rates can classify merchants as high-risk. Processing over $20,000 monthly or averaging $500 per transaction may warrant this categorization.

Risk-Based Global Sales

Selling to consumers in high-risk countries can categorize merchants as high-risk (excluding the US, Canada, Japan, Australia, and European countries).

New merchant

New merchants or those with limited records might be deemed high-risk due to a lack of relevant history. Conversely, merchants with low credit may also fall into the high-risk category.

High-risk industry

Despite a flawless record, a merchant's industry association can lead to a high-risk label, indicating less trust than other industries.

High-Risk Merchant Account vs. Low-Risk Merchant Account

A few general traits emerge that make merchants low-risk to payment processors. High-risk and low-risk merchants typically exhibit these traits:

The Challenges of High-Risk Business

Limited Access

High-risk businesses may find it challenging to access merchant services and financial products, impacting their operational capabilities.

Chargeback Struggles

High-risk businesses have a greater risk of chargebacks. Frequent chargebacks can hinder smooth payment processing for high-risk merchants. Prevent Chargeback

Limited Payment Gateway Options

High-risk industries often encounter restricted access to payment gateways.

Higher Fees

These businesses often face higher processing fees and may be required to maintain rolling reserves, impacting their overall cost structure.

Regulatory Scrutiny

They often experience increased regulatory scrutiny, requiring strict compliance with industry regulations.

Market Volatility

High-risk businesses are more vulnerable to market fluctuations and economic downturns, necessitating a resilient financial strategy.

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Welcome to the world where expertise meets innovation in global business consulting. With over a decade of experience, I, Abdullah Al Mamun, specialize in international legal and financial structures, offering strategic guidance to navigate the complex online business world.

As Bangladesh’s first IRS-verified Certified Acceptance Agent (CAA) for “Business Globalizer,” I bring a unique perspective to ITIN services and excel in navigating payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe. My entrepreneurial ventures include co-founding “eCommander,” “eCom Builder,” and “Sky Prep Center,” which have revolutionized e-commerce business management and fulfillment.

At the core of my services is a commitment to your success, leveraging my vast experience to provide bespoke solutions in international finance and e-commerce. Trust in my expertise to drive your business forward.

Trust Me for Your High-Risk Merchant

Find peace of mind in your journey with me. Rely on my expertise to navigate the high-risk business landscape.

Customized Risk Management

I, Abdullah Al Mamun, specialize in bespoke risk management to minimize chargebacks and fraud, ensuring seamless payment processing and protected revenue for your unique business needs.

Expedited Approval Process

I ensure rapid approval for your high-risk merchant account, valuing your time to expedite your payment process and business operations.

Top-Tier Fraud Protection

Secure your business with my advanced fraud prevention and real-time monitoring, safeguarding your transactions and ensuring your peace of mind.

Multiple Payment Options

In the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape, offering multiple payment options is a necessity. With my high-risk merchant account solutions, you can seamlessly accept payments, enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing conversions. Trust me to empower your business with a comprehensive array of payment choices

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My team of experts and I will help you develop a cost-effective plan for your business with our high-risk experts. It’s going to save you time and frustration.

Industry Experience

Credit card processing is complex. But our experienced and relevant payment processing knowledge is put to use on your behalf to get your high-risk business solution right away.

Dedicated Support Team

We are prepared to deal with the tricky, highly risky world in a way that gives you peace of mind. We are going to explore your options and make sure that you will get the best possible solutions.

We Provide Exclusive Payment Solutions

We offer exclusive high-risk payment solutions with a selection of two payment gateways. simplifies online payments, offering secure solutions for businesses of all sizes, including high-risk merchants. Discover the peace of mind it brings to your high-risk business operations.


NMI is a payment gateway service specializing in high-risk merchant account processing. Renowned for its extensive customization options, NMI enables users to make payments through a variety of methods.

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frequently asked questions

A business more likely to experience chargebacks, fraud, or financial failure is  high risk. A merchant who does high-risk business is called a high-risk merchant. A high-risk merchant is considered high-risk when assessed by a processor or bank to pose a more significant potential for chargebacks and fraud. This determination can arise from the merchant's operations within a high-risk industry, the sale of products or services that often result in chargebacks, or a history of fraudulent transactions.

A high-risk merchant account supports categorized high-risk businesses. Various factors can contribute to this classification, such as model and volume of the business, ticket size, transaction velocity, and being a new merchant with no prior payment processing history or operating in a high-risk industry known for fraud, such as those selling controversial products. As a result of this elevated risk level, high-risk merchant accounts are subject to higher processing fees to account for potential losses.

Merchants who handle many transactions or have a high average transaction value may be classified as high-risk. If a merchant processes payments exceeding $20,000 per month or has an average transaction value of $500 or more, they may be considered high-risk, including those who accept international payments.

We provide high-risk merchant accounts with payment gateways such as and NMI. is a widely used payment gateway service that enables businesses to accept online payments and manage transactions securely. It provides a range of features, including payment processing, fraud detection, recurring billing, and more, making it a popular choice for e-commerce and high-risk businesses.

No. is unable to suspend or put accounts on hold.

NMI, or Network Merchants, Inc., is a leading payment facilitation platform that handles over $180 billion in payments annually. NMI facilitates payments for a vast network of over 3,200 partners and more than 260,000 merchants worldwide. It spans the entire spectrum of commerce channels, including online, in-app, mobile, in-store, unattended, and beyond.