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You are in great need of an ITIN!

Benefits Of Getting ITIN

Why get an ITIN? ITIN opens doors to the vast U.S. market. Reduces tax hassles, boosts business potential, and much more.

Tax Compliance

With an ITIN, you can fulfill your tax obligations, ensuring adherence to U.S. tax laws.

Claiming Tax Benefits

Eligible individuals can claim various tax credits, exemptions, and deductions, potentially reducing their tax liability.

Opening Bank Accounts

Many financial institutions in the U.S. require an ITIN to open bank accounts.

Obtain loans and credit

You must have a tax identification number (ITIN) to get a bank loan or credit card.

PayPal Account Verification

Non-US residents using PayPal for online transactions or e-commerce need an ITIN.

Filing Required Govt. Documents

To file specific required documents with the U.S. government or relevant authorities, you must obtain an ITIN.

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Requirements To Get Your ITIN

Obtain your ITIN easily with our straightforward process. Me and my team only need a few essential documents and information to get started.

Do You Have A Company In The USA?

To secure your ITIN as a non-resident, you'll need a U.S. company with an EIN. Simplify this pivotal process with our expert company formation service. Let us lead the way.

Are You Looking For An ITIN As A Dependent?

Obtaining an ITIN as a non-resident dependent can be like solving a tricky puzzle. The diplomatic intricacies and complex procedures can lead to unexpected confusion and challenges for dependents.
Dependents, often non-citizens, are individuals who receive financial support from U.S. taxpayers. These can include spouses, children, or other qualifying family members with U.S. tax-dependent status. For them, obtaining an ITIN is an indispensable necessity.
As an IRS Certified Acceptance Agent, I have extensive experience in obtaining ITINs for non-resident dependents. We handle all the complexities and diplomatic issues efficiently, ensuring a smooth process for our clients. Trust us to simplify the ITIN application procedure for you.

Requirements To Get Dependent ITIN

Easily obtain your ITIN as a dependent with our simple process. Just a handful of essential documents and details are all we require to kickstart the journey.

Step-by-Step ITIN Application Process 

Experience a user-friendly application process that simplifies the path to your Individual Taxpayer Identification number, ensuring a hassle-free journey from start to finish.

Complete the W-7 form

We will fill up the W-7 form accurately on your behalf and send you to sign the form to complete the process.

Document Submission

Once we receive the signed W-7 form, we submit it to the CAA for verification. Then our CAA will promptly forward the form to the IRS. 

IRS Processing

After submitting your ITIN application, the IRS typically takes 16-18 weeks to issue the ITIN number.

ITIN Issuance

Once your application is approved, the IRS will issue your ITIN number. We will promptly notify you and update it on your dashboard.

Why Choose Me For Your ITIN Needs?

I understand the complexities of securing an ITIN, particularly if you're new to the process. That's why I provide a comprehensive ITIN application service, ensuring a smooth, speedy path to your destination.

Expert ITIN Services

As an experienced CAA, I ensure a smooth and efficient process to get your ITIN.

Simplified Application Process

With the careful assistance of my team, I streamline the complex ITIN application procedure, making it hassle-free and easy to follow.

Guided Support

Our dedicated support team is available to assist you at every stage, providing guidance and clarifying any doubts.

Fast and Reliable Results

With an efficient approach, we try to get your ITIN as soon as possible and in a reliable way.

Global Reach

We serve clients worldwide with ITIN services, making them accessible and convenient.

Extensive Expertise

With a wealth of knowledge in ITIN matters, we handle a wide range of cases with competence and proficiency.

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frequently asked questions

What Is ITIN?

An Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) is a nine-digit number issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the United States. It is a tax-processing number for individuals who are not eligible for a Social Security Number (SSN).

No. But you can obtain an ITIN with the help of a CAA through online.

To get an ITIN, you must complete IRS Form W-7 and other details, which is a complex and time-consuming process. Besides, you need to verify yourself via a CAA (Certified Acceptance Agent). That’s why getting an ITIN is so expensive.

Yes. You can renew an expired ITIN by submitting the appropriate W-7 Form with the necessary supporting documents. We are here to help you.

● Eligibility: SSN is only available to U.S. citizens and permanent residents, while ITIN is available to non-residents and resident aliens who must comply with U.S. taxation compliances.
● Purpose: SSN enables government and private services, while ITIN is specifically for tax-related obligations and some financial institutional usage as well.